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Your Best Friend In The Beauty Department

Your Best Friend In The Beauty Department. In a constant search for the fountain of youth, Americans are pushing the skin care market to record sales levels. According to trade magazine Cosmetics International, sales of moisturizers, cleansers, hand care products and body lotions are predicted to reach $7 billion by 2010, thanks to double-digit growth from anti-aging products. But if you’re among the big spenders, you may not realize that one of the best beauty secrets could be hiding in a 40-pound bag in a corner of your basement. The secret is salt. That’s right, salt. It’s contained in home water-conditioning units across the nation, and it holds the key to all kinds of things that make us feel beautiful, from smoother skin to shinier hair.

The Beauty of Softened Water

Most American households-85 percent-are affected by hard water, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The naturally occurring minerals in “hard” water are the root of many beauty and household problems. For example, when you bathe or shower in hard water, mineral deposits are left behind on your body, which may dry out your skin. These mineral deposits can also leave your hair looking dry and dull. In addition, hard …

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Is Your It Department Necessary? You May Be Surprised By The Answer

Is Your It Department Necessary? You May Be Surprised By The Answer Business owners and CFOs of mid-sized companies quite often don?t have a clear understanding of what their IT department is doing for their business. Indeed, most just treat IT as a necessary line item on the P&L statement simply because they believe they have no choice if they are to stay competitive. Critical questions such as “Are we spending enough on our IT infrastructure?”, “Are we spending too much on our IT infrastructure”, or “Are we getting the productivity gains that we anticipated when we purchased that new software?” often go unanswered. Questions such as these are at the heart of your business? efficiency – and can be the most baffling. Educating yourself is, as is often the case, the best weapon to tackle these seemingly innocuous questions.

The first thing to realize is that running an IT department is hard work. Your IT staff is spending more time (and money) supporting your employees than ever. Many of the technologies are complex and take a long time to learn and master. The IT staff is under increasingly tighter budget constraints and their capabilities are limited. Despite all these …