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Wisdom Forum: Customizing Your Flower Designs And More

Wisdom Forum: Customizing Your Flower Designs And More As you create flower arrangements, it is important that you try to match the look of the area in which your creation will be placed. The reason for the bouquet should be the overruling factor when considering to design it. For example, when you are designing an arrangement for a funeral, there are some flowers that are natural choices because of their look and meaning, such as tulips and daisies in gentle colors. If the arrangement is meant to be for something fun, like a gift to a neighbor, include some informal and creative elements such as silk grass. Of course, roses are the flower of love, and are great choices in arrangements intended for someone special. In the end, it is all about understanding your audience. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes and apply them as you make choices on the colors, flower types, and arrangement style you will use. Do not give up if your arrangement does not look quite right at first! This is an advantage of using artificial flowers: it is easy to pull out what you do not like and add something else without risking injury …