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Affordable Restaurants in Mumbai

Affordable Restaurants in Mumbai.Living in this economic capital of the nation, Mumbai is considered to be quite expensive and costly. The most necessary of all, even delicious food is considered a luxury or maybe not. There are still few places from Mumbai tourism that offer excellent food at a very affordable price. One has to only know about these low costing restaurants in Mumbai to go ahead and feast. Most of these places are always crowded by the college students because the price of the items in the menu is very low, while others come here to enjoy the different taste altogether. Here are some of the must visit affordable restaurants in Mumbai that one should experience while in the city,

P. Raju Dosawala: Located at the parking lot of Breach Candy Hospital, this eatery serves Naram Mysore Sada dosa that is neatly slathered with red masala powder and butter. It is then lifted off the hot griddle while it is still soft. Having it with the spicy garlic chutney is pure pleasure.

Al Tosha: Close to 7 Bungalows at Versova in Andheri west, this is primarily a Mughlai joint that is oddly famous for its Russian cutlets. These thin …