Specialist Advice in Austin Colocation Whether you are just starting out or seasoned in the process, at any phase of your colocation experience, management and staff at an Austin colocation center is your best asset. Their expert advice and continuing support work to keep your IT infrastructure going, which brings you peace of mind.


Personnel with extensive experience and technology knowledge are on hand to guide you through the initial evaluation of your needs. Whether you run a small business or a large organization, they will take the time necessary to find exactly the right solution for you.

These experts may first talk with you on the phone and invite you for a consultation and a tour of the Austin colocationfacility. You won’t need to worry about knowing everything. That’s what they’re there for. Your consultants will want to know about your business type, your current IT environment and your projections for the future.

A specialist will likely walk you around the Austin colocationfacility,showing you the different options for housing your equipment. Options typically includeprivate suites, secure cages, and lockable cabinets. You will see multiplelayers of security and how they relate to the varying types of spaces inside the building.

Along the way, you will probably meet administrative staff and security personnel, as well as the engineers and technicians who will be helping you and taking care of your equipment. An Austin colocation center employs a variety of personnel who run the facility and keep your equipment running smoothly.

You will probably have a first-hand look at the infrastructure behind the building, which includes the power feeds and redundancies that make an Austin colocation center tick. At your current home office, you might worry about power outages, but not at a data center. Also, you might like to see the cooling options for your equipment.

Services might be another thing you want to see. You might be surprised to see that your facility offers amenities such asfull break rooms and showers for clients. There may be a cafe area with coffee service, including everything to make you feel at home at the Austin colocation site.

In addition, you can also see the office spaces that are available to get your business up and running again if there is an emergency at your office. Temporary spaces at the Austin colocation center may include private suites and conferences centers for you and your workforce.

Cost Effectiveness

At the end of your consultation and trip around the Austin colocation center, you will probably be wondering how much it all costs. After all, you have seen layer after layer of well-thought out design and implementation, with everything your business needs. It must cost a fortune, right? You will be surprised at how much you can actually save from relocating your IT infrastructure to an Austin colocation facility. This is especially true when it comes to power, cooling and networking savings.

The consultants at the Austin colocation center can show you exactly how you can benefit and save money, too. Your support staffwill be your greatest asset as you position your company to move into the future and compete in the economy with confidence.

By pauline