Set Your Heart Racing With Adventure Sports in Seychelles Being an archipelago of islands amounting to around 115 islands, the Seychelles is an exquisite and breathtaking place to visit. Discovered only 200 odd years ago, the pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are still to be fully discovered and remain a well kept secret!

Although the beach environment makes it an ideal vacation spot or honeymoon destination to relax and enjoy the ambience, the Seychelles has lately made a name for itself in adventure sports. These adventure sports include a range of water sports as well as activities such as rock climbing and wildlife treks.

Water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are immensely popular in the Seychelles because the waters in and around the islands offer a fascinating display of marine life, living corals and if you are lucky enough – a ship wreck. Sail fish, barracudas and marlins together with other richly coloured coral fish swim in abandon around the colourful corals at Seychelles.

Water skiing and parasailing are both sports of a similar nature that involve attaching enthusiasts to a motor boat and pulling them along the water on skiis; parasailing involves a parachute in order to lift the skier into the air. Both are popular adventure sports which may be enjoyed at Seychelles.

For those who are not as keen to engage in risky and adrenaline pumping sports, there are still adventure water sports such as sea canoeing and kayaking that can be indulged in.

All equipment necessary is available in and around the coastal areas and there are quite a few PADI centres on the islands. Instructors are fully qualified and capable of handling groups of water sports enthusiasts whether they are beginners, intermediates or pros.

For those who prefer to remain on land, rock climbing is an exciting sport that requires skill and practice. However there are various gradients of rocks to climb that fit the various proficiency levels.

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By pauline