Lice In Bedding – Simple Way To Kill Lice In Bedding If your in a lice war and your children heads are the battle field you may have lice in bedding. It may have taken some time for you to figure out that lice are in the house. Having small children in school you can bank on having some kind of infestation at some time or another.Kids that are in the ages between 3 – 12 are the one effected the most. The longer the hair the greater the battle.

First thing is to get the kids and any adults that may be scratching under control. A good natural shampoo treat will work wonders for you. It will save you time, money and many trips to the drugstore buying repeated over the shelf products that just don’t work very well. In the end lice in bedding are still there.

Most of these products are using some harsh chemicals and can be very irritating to the scalp. These products seem to get harsher and harsher because the lice are becoming very hard to kill and are building an immune to the chemicals being used. This is why you should be looking for an alternative lice treatment that is safe and harmless but works 100%

Lets get back to lice in bedding and what you should do. Strip off all the covers, sheets, pillow cases and pillow and get them to the laundry. You need to wash them in very hot water the hottest setting you have. You may even need to turn the heat up a bit to get the water really hot.

One you have the water temperature up 130degrees would be just about right. Maybe your water can’t get to that temperature and that’s fine because with a quality additive you’ll have the upper hand. Add the additive as directed and run a wash cycle ad your lice problems are just about over.

Once your bedding is done clean and lice free. Do not put back on infected bed till you sprayed it with the same all natural product that you used to wash the bedding. Else you will have lice in bedding again.

This is very easily done. Just put a small amount in a cheap plastic spray bottle add some water and give the bed a good misting. let the bed dry for a while then run your vacuum over it to collect any dead lice and your all set.

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By pauline