Could Your Family Enjoy a Holiday on Safari?  Passports? Cameras? Bird books? Binoculars? Checked? You need to as these are all necessities for your family’s adventure safari to Kenya. A trip that places you in a land bursting with tropical plants, friendly people, and of course exotic animals from Aardvarks to Zebras!

Your accommodation can range from a luxurious stone lodge to a platform tent, which with a little imagination and the right attitude can be just as luxurious! Excellent service is the cornerstone of your safari, with helpful staff eager to make your journey a memory to cherish for always.

That first morning you are awakened early with a soft tap at your door, and presented with a cup of coffee or tea and biscuits (or cookies for you Americans!). With the excitement you won’t find it hard to dress quickly and grab your camera, before taking your window seat in your touring vehicle for your first game drive.

Now is the time to make sure your eyes and ears are ready for the extravaganza of new sights and sounds that you’re about to experience – you never know exactly what will be happening next! It could be the sight of a snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro looming above or perhaps Masai village boys herding their goats across the terrain. Or maybe it’ll be your first animal experience; in a moment your van could be surrounded by elephants, large and small, shuffling through the dusty soil on their way to the waterhole! It could even be that your first sight is the enviable vision a pride of lions, lying under acacia trees, tails twitching, as their tawny eyes take in your presence. Just hope that they are still full from a successful hunt, and will not find you interesting for at least a few hours!

And all of this is taken in before the sun is high in the sky. A few hours pass so quickly with many wonderful sightings that before your know it, it is time to head back to breakfast. Like most people you’ll find that new experiences create an appetite that is easily filled on safari.

Recharge and refuel with food especially prepared for you by chefs in the lodge dining area, or perhaps you will be dining al fresco on the savanna, where you survey distant grazing wildebeest, as fresh papaya juice is poured for you.

After a rest, you and your family can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, or even gain some local knowledge by listening to your guide give a nature talk. If you want a slightly slower pace then this could be a good afternoon to visit a local village where you can observe the tribe’s way of life, and makes purchases of jewellery and carvings to take home as mementos and gifts.

Only the sunset and falling darkness persuades you to return to your lodgings. Pack the kids off to bed for wild dreams while you enjoy a “sundowner,” or evening drink around a bonfire, listening to and exchanging stories of the day with other travellers.

You find this first day has more than fulfilled your dreams of what a day on a family safari would be. Rest well tonight, knowing that tomorrow brings new adventure and fun!

By pauline