Compact Car Reviews ? Honda Civic Vs. Honda Fit Vs. Mini Cooper A lot of compact cars in the past years have been upgrading their cars and what better comfort they can give to the buyers is what brings them their boost in sale. Let me give you a few reviews on a few compact cars.

Let me start with the Honda Civic. We can say that the Honda Civic has consistently great reviews with the comfortable interior, overall long- term reliability and the ride quality, which a lot of people say that it is quite fun to drive. It also has excellent fuel economy. The Honda Civic Si Model is known to accelerate quite well. It also has a strong resale value and have good safety ratings as well.

The only thing that doesn’t fare well with the Honda Civic is that the well-equipped version is quite expensive. There is also a limited availability of some options. It’s also a firm ride; due to the fact that some find it jarring in rough roads and the road noise can be heard from the inside.

The Honda Fit on the other hand, is the most highly regarded compact car in reviews. It is quite fun to ride on just as well as the Honda Civic. The handling is quite sporty and you get excellent fuel economy as well. The interior is well designed and flexible. It also has also good crash test results.

This car though is not as affordable than most competitors. It?s also has a leisurely acceleration with automatic. Like the Honda Civic it also has a firm ride and the road and engine noise can be heard.

Another car I’d like to point in your direction is the sporty compact car, which is the Mini Cooper. If you want an attractive and retro style car then this one is for you. It is very fun to drive this car and the handling is sporty just like the Honda Fit. It has a powerful, optional turbo engine and it also has excellent resale value.

It isn’t that comfortable though. You get stiff, choppy ride when you are driving the Cooper. The interior is very tight and the rear seat is quite small, which would prove to be very uncomfortable. The cargo space is quite small as well. The dashboard control ergonomics and the options boost up the cost real fast. The Mini Cooper Clubman’s rear doors actually obstruct rear visibility as well.

By pauline