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Growing Trend of Foreign Food in Delhi!

Growing trend of foreign food in delhi.Delhi being the capital of India is a very famous tourist destination not only among the natives but also foreigners all over the world. Every day Delhi is flooded by thousands of tourists from across the world and Indian states, who come to Delhi to see and capture the rich culture and heritage being reflected in the monuments, temples and other sites of historical importance.

The hospitality sector has grown many folds in the past few years and same goes for the hotels and restaurants in Capital City. To cater to the need of the travelers and even the natives of Delhi, there is tremendous increase in the number of restaurants and food joints. Due to increase in the level of income, working couple, rise in mall culture in Delhi- all this have made people to try out different things and when it comes to food, how can anyone be behind. People use to go for shopping and use to come back home after having dinner at these restaurants. When there is an option to taste not only the Indian cuisine but also the famous delicacies from around the world as- Chinese, Italian, Afghani, …