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3 Things You Must do Before You Hire a San Diego Accident Attorney

If you’ve recently hired a San Diego accident attorney, you’re probably dealing with a lot of major issues right now. Your attorney is there to help you through all the problems that you may be facing with the other party, the insurance company, and the medical challenges that you are experiencing. One of the things your new lawyer will be able to help you through is by filing an insurance claim and explaining everything to you, but here are some basics that you should do before you even hire the lawyer that will help you case go smoothly:

Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately After Your Accident

While you do have to report the accident to the police department, it is your responsibility to report it to the insurance company. If it is a minor collision, you may get the idea that you should pay for the damages yourself and avoid the risk of a rate increase. On the surface, this sounds like an excellent idea, but there is the real possibility that the entire thing may resurface at a later date, and you will appear to have withheld information.

Get as Many Details as Possible While on the Scene

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