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Want Tips For Facial Rejuvenation? Find Them Here

Want Tips For Facial Rejuvenation? Find Them Here Facial rejuvenation technology can allow you to grow some new skin. You just have to know what ingredients to look for and those to avoid. Let?s start with the bad stuff and get that out of the way.

Cosmetic companies are free to use practically any ingredient in their skincare products. There are only a few prohibited substances in the US. The list of chemicals that are banned and deemed unsafe for cosmetics is much longer in the European Union.

To try to help consumers find companies that follow the EU?s guidelines, a coalition of women?s, public health, labor, and environmental health and consumer-rights groups created the ?Campaign for Safe Cosmetics?. As of August 2007, 600 companies had signed the compact, but none of the big brand names will sign.

They still do not believe that there are ingredients that have a negative impact on facial rejuvenation. It?s almost like they are living in the dark ages. They still maintain that hazardous chemical compounds do not penetrate the epidermis, when we know that dermal absorption of toxins happens all of the time.

The big companies believe that it is necessary to include …